Impossible to link astroprint and octoprint

Hi everyone,

I'm currently using Astroprint for managing my 12 printers, but I would like to change the network and have an ethernet connection for printing. I set up statics IP addresses on the raspberry pi zero w of each printer, and printing via octoprint via ethernet is working.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to link octoprint and astroprint with the access key and I don't know why. When I copy/paste the access key from astroprint to octoprint, octoprint tells me :

"Server is offline
The server appears to be offline, at least I'm not getting any response from it. I'll try to reconnect automatically over the next couple of minutes, however you are welcome to try a manual reconnect anytime using the button below."

It reconnected well, but it is still not connected to astroprint.

Could you help me to find a solution please?

I already updated the version of the Astroprint plugin for Octoprint (v1.3.5) but this doesn't change anything.

Thank you so much.


Is this for a business? (Just curious.)

Yes it's a business :wink:

The Pi Zero only has a single core and 512MB of RAM. If each of these also has a webcam then it's probably under-powered. There are suggestions that printing with a Zero leads to blobbing of the parts. Most people install OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+ or a 4B and are happy with the results. Each of these have an RJ-45 connection for what it's worth.

Each Pi should have its own unique hostname. Feel free to issue static IP addresses to each if you'd like (I do this at the router in the DHCP lease section rather than local configuration on the Pi, though).

It doesn't matter if you use the same API key throughout or not. If you do have unique API keys then each Astroprint plugin should have the correct information at least.

It's very possible that your traffic from your Pi out to the Internet is getting blocked.

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