Inaccurate hight in dashboard

I am running Octopi on a Raspi 3B+. Since a few days the Dashboard plugin shows the hight of the model 10 mm higher than it really is. Cura 5.2.1 shows the right high. I haven't changed nothing, wether in OctoPrint nor in Cura.

Thank you for help!

Hello @Kurt_Neundlinger !

There was a template when you opened this thread. Where has it gone?

BTW: How much do you move up the extruder after print?

Sorry, but I was so stupid to delete the template.
But now I know what I have done: I changed the heatbreak to one thats 10 mm longer and didnt adjust the firmware.
Can you tell me how to do? CTC I3 Pro B with Marlin

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