Increase the firmware temperature after a upgrade

Hello all

Iv'e tried to work out how to upgrade my firmware so i can increase my ender 3 s1 to 300 as I have bought a full metal extruder and installed it into my sprite.

Now Ive been through a few videos and I am so confused how i can go about it. I have octoprint through a raspberry pi so can work though the firmware updater or I can go through manually through github etc.

If anyone can do like a step by step working on windows that would be great as Im very very confused with it all!



The firmware updater doesn't generate a firmware for you - it just helps to flash it.

In your case you just put the firmware on an sd card, insert it into the motherboards sd slot and boot the printer up.

I can't recommend any prebuilt firmware since I build my own when I want to update/change something.

Building your own firmware isn't hard, but I guess it takes some time the first time.
There are different guides on yt on how to do it - here's one that seems ok (didn't watch the whole thing and just skipped through)

Here's the example config for your printer.

If you just want to change the max temp it isn't much work.
Jump to line 624 #define HEATER_0_MAXTEMP 275

Good luck :tentacle:

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