Info on mounting sd card ok skr v1.3

Hello everyone,
I have a skr v1.3 with sd on board. I have also a raspberry 3 with octoprint.
While I connect pc directly to to skr,without octo, I could mount skr’s sd as mass storage on the pc( if the sd is not mounted on the skr) but I don’t able to do the same on raspberry.
Is it possible?

I don't own one of these newer boards so I'm just guessing
I would try to find out what your pi recognizes when the printer is connected

Boot everything up, disconnect the usb cable, connect it again, enter dmesg | tail -n 20 in ssh and post the output here.

I will note that if you install the usbmount service on Raspbian then it may be available to you somewhere in the /media/usbx space.

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