Information about OctoPrint and Advice, Please?

Hi, I'm totally new to OptoPrint, in-fact, I'm so new, I only heard about it this week and I'm wanting to know if this is something I need and would want.

I have a GEEETech A30 Printer located in the Kitchen and My PC is located in my bedroom, I've not got the room, to have both, sadly.

Anyway, I'd like to send Files to be printed on my PC in the bedroom to my 3D Printer located in the kitchen,... The router I have is a BT Home Hub 5A flashed with LEDE, Kernel Version-4.4.92.

I was thinking of installing something on my PC to connect the two together, Can this be done with Octoprint? install and run on a windows 10 machine?

If it can't, If I then bought an Octoprint Kit, would I then be able to send files from my PC to the Octoprint, to send to the printer? or do I just set up the machine with a screen and use its GUI, on its own display via a browser?

As you can gather, I'm not familiar with this at the moment,... though, I would like to send files from my PC to the 3D Printer,... I've also tried the GEEETech WiFi Module, however, you can only use a phone and not your PC with it and GEEETech disabled and apparently taken out the WiFI module that used to come with the A30

If an OctoPrint could enable me the above, which kit would you say has the best Features?

Thanks, People.

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You install octopi on a raspberry pi, the pi gets plugged into the printer and attached to the network either wired or wireless. optoprint runs on the pi. you login to the web interface of octoprint from a browser on any device and upload your files.. Very slick, very inexpensive and I would NOT live without it now..

Here is the octopi (pre-configured image) for the pi along with instructions and info .. take a - Download & Setup OctoPrint


You wouldn't install Octoprint on your "bedroom PC", you set up Octoprint on a small Raspberry Pi, attached by USB to your printer.

Buying the kit from Octoprint makes things easy if you are starting out- which kit depends on what country you live in. If it's a hassle, you can simply buy a Raspberry Pi 3 in your own country and set it up.

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I would recommend getting a good-quality "shielded" serial cable between the Raspberry Pi 3B and the printer or minimally, one that has ferrite cores to block electrical noise. It might minimize problems to avoid the "+" version for the moment of that Raspberry.

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Buying the kit from Octoprint makes things easy if you are starting out-

which kit depends on what country you live in.

I am going to hazard a guess that the OP is in the UK if he has a "BT Home

I have a Raspberry Pi mounted inside the case of my printer, which means
that the printer can be accessed wirelessly by the other computers in the
house, including looking at what is happening via a webcam.
It is actually mounted inside the build area as that makes it easier to
connect an RPi camera (the cable is quite short). Pictures here:

So, to solve a problem almost exactly like yours, I have used Octopi with
great success.
(Octopi is a pre-built image of Octoprint for the Rasberry Pi. I think I am
using a Pi2. It might even be my old B.


That's exactly what I needed to know and if you were the salesman, I'd tell you,...SOLD!

Thank you, for that basic and to the point breakdown.

I thought as much, So I can buy the kit, Install it into the control box of the GEEETech A30 and access the printer from my PC via a browser,... I was thinking of buying the middle kit they advertise, they only advertise 3 kits on Octoprint, I'd like to have bought the very far right kit, but with it being $109 = Β£82, It's a little more than I'd like to spend on such a feature.

I hear you on the shielded cables, It's all I ever buy, what with my homemade libreelec Media server and with all the devices a Neighbourhood can have switched on at any one time,... It gives me the shivers just thinking of all the Interference that's floating around at any given time,

Correct, I'm located in the UK, Northwest in fact,... I just went to take a look at the photos and I see what you've done, you've attached this device inside the frame of your printer,... I think it's pretty cool that we can also have a camera attached also,... Out of the three kits on offer from Octoprint,... what would you think about me buying the " Raspberry Pi 3 OctoPrint Bundle by Watterott electronic (DE)"

I don't see any with the UK stamp,... so out of these 3 on this page at the bottom, - Support OctoPrint would the middle kit be fine?

Thank you, to everyone who replied, I now Understand the technology and it is something I've been looking for and would want.

The three kits on sale already made up, only have (DE) and (US),... does this mean none of these will work for me and I'll need to buy a Raspberry Pi 3 board myself and Octoprint on an SD Card?

Thanks again, people.

You may get a starter kit in GB, you can get them at the popular online shops. Sometimes they include a micro SD card. Else you have to get one separately. And the USB cable as mentioned before.
Then you need OctoPi as mentioned in the post of @airscapes
@foosel opened a thread about how to install:

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I just bought the pi with the official pi power supply, an sd card separately, along with a logitech 270 webcam, then printed a case off thingivers.. think it was just under $100 US for everything.

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Nice! Have a lot of success with it! :+1:

Oh, OK, that sounds more like want I'd rather do, buy as much as I can already done.

The Webcam I'll buy at a later date, once I've everything set up and running, once everything is set, I do plan on adding a cam, as I don't want to keep getting up and going from room to room, all the time,... lol.

I'm not sure where to find a pre-made kit made up in the UK, so I thought about buying a raspberry pi 3 b+ or something and the cables then install,... Is it Octopi or Octaprint?

Anyway, I'll figure it out at some point, I'd rather just buy the kit in the UK and do away with all the farting about, however, If i have to buy the bits and put it together myself, I don't mind printing a PI case, I'll get some from Thingiverse.

Thanks, again, Pal.

On the bright side, the Pi is actually a UK invention. Here's my favorite supplier. I'd just buy the Pi 3 for Β£32, no kit, especially if you have or can source these:

  • microsd card, at least 4gb
  • USB wall wart and USB->microSD cable (for instance, from an old Android phone). You might need to inspect the wall wart to make sure it generates enough current.
  • USB->USBA cable. This connects the Pi to the printer.

Then, for debugging (such as "I can't get it to connect to wifi"), you'll need to 'borrow' these from your computer or TV:

  • USB keyboard
  • USB mouse
  • HDMI cable
  • monitor or TV

If you don't have most of the things on these lists, get their bundle. for Β£60.

Make sure you budget for a donation to OctoPrint too.


Thanks, @tedder42
I don't have the correct rated power supply and to be honest, I think I'll just buy that kit you linked me to for 60 Quid.

Once I have everything, would I be best to download this OctoPI from Github, or download the one from here - Download & Setup OctoPrint

People keep advising me downloading and installing the Github version,.. what is the difference? please.

Anyway, once I have the kit and download, I burn it to the SD Card and slot in the PI and turn on and... how would one actually configure the PI?

Anyway, Ted, thanks for linking that PI kit, I've made an account and will order one this weekend, I think I may have a little left over for an HD Webcam,... any advice which is a great cam to go for, it'll be solely used for the Octoprint and nothing more.

Question about WiFi, The PI as WiFi built in right? or would i have to buy a dongle also?
I was hoping to use a WiFi antenna and place the PI inside my A30 control-box with the WiFI - antenna sticking out the back or something,... can any WiFI antenna work with this or does it have to be a set type?

Appreciated, Thanks.

Both download sources provide you version 0.15.1 of OctoPi.
In the second link you mentioned, it's described in detail how to proceed.
If you have got a Raspberry Pi 3, than it has WiFi included and no additional antenna is required.

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Ewald answered most of it.

I like the "pi cam", which is sort of the native/proprietary version of a camera for the Pi. Otherwise I think Gina and others use the Logitech 270. I'd recommend one of those two because you'll get better support if others use it.

(Pi's cam isn't proprietary in any way- just easier to think of it that way, compared to USB webcams)

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I understand mate and thank you, for all your help and helping me understand OctoPrint and it's technology.

Thank you to you also Edward for all your help and information, I'm sure I should be able to do this, I'll be ordering at the weekend and hopefully, I'll be up and running in no time.

Thanks to eveyone.

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Hi Alienmoon

May i ask if you already got a working CuraEngine Octoprint Profile for the Geeetech A30 and if you are kindly willing to share ?

Thanks a lot !!

Hi Kevin

I don't use Cura, It's one of a few I don't have installed, sorry, Pal.

I do use S3D and have 2 profiles for the A30, one with 100 infills, and the other is 20% infill, though,, to be honest, even though they work, I can't help but keep fine tuning them.

Jimmy who runs a Youtube channel as made a Cura A30 profile, here is the link

This is a Cura profile maker if you want to try this

Sorry, I don't personally have one for you and I hope with the links, You find what you need.

Good Luck and if your intention is to print MODS and Upgrades for the A30, then please, add me on Thingiverse I use the same Username and profile photo,...


My Octoprint isn't set up again, yet,.. just moved and the octoprint is something I have to hook up, thanks for the reminder.