Install Octoprint on and Existing Apache2 Server

I currently have an Apache2 server and PHP setup on my Raspberry PI to use with my Smartthings dashboard. Would I be able to install Octoprint withhout using an Octopi image that would overwrite my current server setup? I was not familiar with setting up an Apache server so I took me a lot of time to get it setup and I would hate to go through the setup again.

Also, are there any issues with Apache2 and Octoprint on the same server? I don't think I will have a need to setup Octoprint to be accessible from outside my home network. I am just hoping to avoid using an SD card to get the files to my Ender3.


Apache2 wants port 80. The part of the instructions which describe haproxy assume that this would use port 80 so you wouldn't want to use that in your case.

OctoPrint runs on port 5000 itself. So if you know how to proxy that from Apache2 (instead of using haproxy) then go for it.

You could of course just access OctoPrint from http://hostname.local:5000/ and not worry about it otherwise.

OK. Thanks for the info.