Install old version (1.3.12)


I need to install octoprint 1.3.12 as this is the latest version still compatible with M33 fio. I had this running up to the point where my SSD died and I want to re-install it, but unfortunately no versions (for Windows) before 1.4.0 seem to be available anymore.

'pip install octoprint==1.3.12' returns an error:
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement octoprint==1.3.12
ERROR: No matching distribution found for octoprint==1.3.12

Can somebody tell me where to find version 1.3.12?


I think you can do pip install too, but it is not recommended to run a version that old. If you do though, make sure you use Python 2.7, because versions older than OctoPrint 1.4 do not support Python 3. Also note that it is not recommended anymore to use Python 2.7.

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