Install onto Windows Subsystem for Linux

What is the problem?

Can I run Octoprint on the Windows Subsystem for Linux? With Camera Support?

What did you already try to solve it?

I currently only have a Raspberry Pi 2B and Original Pi. But I do have an always on Windows PC the area next to my printer. I was wondering if I could create a slim Linux environment using WSL and have a USB webcam connected to that?

If this has not been done before, or would be too much of a faff to setup, then I can just buy a new Raspberry Pi. But thought I may as well try to use the hardware I already have.


You can run OctoPrint in Windows directly, That's why I made the windows installer linked on the download page of OctoPrint.

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To be fair, that makes a lot more sense and would definitely be a lot more simple to setup!

I assume the windows version and Linux version are comparable in feature set and stability?

OctoPrint is the same no matter what the platform. There may be some plugins that aren't compatible, ie anything intended for Pi GPIO stuff, but other than that feature set and stability is completely fine.

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Thank you.

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