Installed BLtouch and Marlin 1.1.9 Printed Solid FW on CR-10S


Hey all, I just installed a bltouch on my cr10s and its working, but I am trying to set the z offset, I send G1 F60 Z0 in octoprint. I then am going into the menu to move z axis, its at 0.. I need to move the nozzle down closer to get it ~.2mm away but it will not allow me to go less than 0, just positive (up). What am I doing wrong in order to calibrate/set this up properly?

thanks for any help.


Hello @shuhdonk,

have you performed a regular manual bed leveling on the printer before?


I have leveled it with the adjustment wheels in the 4 corners is all.

I think I made some progress.. I just let it auto level (bltouch probes the bed) and then I doubled pushed the button on the cr-10 and baby stepped it until the layers looked good. Then took that value and went into motion menu and set it to the z offset. this the right way to do it? Will that be saved for now on?


Honestly, I don't know, how the auto bed leveling of the CR-10S works.
When I print with my Prusa, at the beginning of each new print, a sensor bed leveling is performed. This takes not too long.
Maybe you can include auto bed leveling in your slicer in the Start GCODE.


Yeah I have it do an auto level before each print but that does not set the z offset.. although I figured it out now I think. I had to start a print, then go to babystepping and adjust it while it was doing the first layer, once it was set right I had to go into motion screen and set the z offset in there based off of what babystepping setting worked and then save it.. now it seems to hold that setting and works.
I just thought I would be able to set the z offset while not doing a print.. but for some reason I could not figure that out.. it would not allow me to go to a negative z value so i could find the right setting. But all seems good now.


To enable the Z to move to a negative height, you need to disable the soft endstops with
M211 S0
Don't forget to re-enable them with
M211 S1

Joe (3D MakerNoob) has a great video, including all the commands in the video description here