Installed desktop from octopi wifi setup and now my usb ports no longer are powered

Today I was setting up my raspberry pi with the latest version of octopi and I already had installed the latest version of rasbian before installing octo pi.
I am using a raspberry pi 4 B 2gb for octoprint for my 3D printer. I followed the steps for installing th software and setting up the wifi and everything was working perfectly. I set up the remote desktop to make certain wifi connectivity was working well and decided to install a more familiar user interface since I will be using the touch screen at my printer most of the time. I typed in the script and everything installed as it should but after reboot I had found that my keyboard was no longer working. I tried all usb ports with no change I also noticed that my keyboard was no longer lighting up meaning it wasn't getting any power from the port. I had been googling with no specific luck for a solution and the ports are still recognized when I use lsusb.

I guess it's a power related issue.
Please upload the octoprint.log

I apologize as I'm a complete noob to this setup, how do I access the octoptint.log? Then how do I upload it here?

I click the blue text in PrintedWeezl's reply, which is a link. The link is a guide on how to fetch logs.

It appears you can upload a .log file directly to the forum in your reply, using the upload button:


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