Installed Octopi and Unable to Get GUI

A bit embarrassed to ask, but after reinstalling the operating system multiple times, I need some help.

Unable to get back or have a GUI interface after installing Octopi.

Had Raspberry Pi4 running the latest version with no issues. Octopi seems to install with no problems.

When it is finished, I go into the configuration and tell it to start with the GUI.
Install it from the command line and it tells me to reboot. When I do, it comes right back to the terminal command line.
I'm new to this world, but getting frustrated with my efforts.
I actually read the instructions and only ask for help as a last resort.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Out-of-the-box, the OctoPi IMG file installs Raspbian Buster Lite with the necessary files to startup webcam streaming, the OctoPrint service and haproxy to present that on the default HTTP port.

The GUI (x11 windows) system isn't included by default on this IMG.

If you expect to run a monitor or TFT display on the Pi itself then you need to read a tutorial somewhere which describes this process.

When you SSH in and log into the Pi account, there's some text printed that points you to a script that is supposed to install the desktop pieces. Don't know it it does it correctly on the Buster release of OctoPi. I think there's also a way to get the desktop (i.e. X11) to start when the system boots. On a lot of Linux builds, it's the Run Level.

Thanks for the feedback. Completely new to these devices and didn't realize that Octopi is just a pass through to my 3D printer.

I think that I can find a way to have a functional desktop and still have it interface with the printer.

Appreciate your help!

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Appreciate the feedback. As I said to b-morgan's post, I didn't realize the Pi4 was being used as a pass through connection.

Love the devices and learning curves!

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