Installing Cura and Cura Engine

I have downloaded the Cura and CuraEngine source from GitHub,
however I have no idea how to install them.

Are there instructions I can follow for their installation?
Thanks in advance.
Michael B.

I don't think you need to compile from source. I don't know what the links
here give you:
But I would anticipate an installer or a .deb

But as far as I can see Cura (and the engine) should be available from the
Synaptic package manager.

Since you are asking about CuraEngine precisely, I wonder if you are asking because you want to use OctoPrint's Cura Plugin to slice through OctoPrint? If so the current CuraEngine versions won't work. You'll need 15.04 instead.

A guide on building that can be found in the docs.

Yes, that is what I require. Thank you Gina.
I'll be compiling the Cura Engine on Knoppix 8.1.
The instructions are for Rasbian on pi. There are 2 sets of instructions.
Which is more appropriate for Knoppix? Should I attempt both?
Michael B.

Thanks Gina I now have Cura Engine sorted out

It would be wonderful if you could share how, because then anyone else running into the same problem can find the solution here :wink:

Thank you Gina.
I simply followed the instructions as per the link you provided.
The first set of Rasbian instructions worked on Knoppix 8.1
I then move CuraEngine executable into /usr/bin and pointed OctoPrint to it.
Michael B.
I'm just starting to think I could have made things so much easier for myself if I had just
used the Banana Pi Pro I have sitting on the shelf instead of a laptop with Knoppix 8.1

It's better to slice with an updated slicer...then upload the gcode to the octoprint server...
At least that's how I do my printers...slice on my 8 core computer with the newest Cura 3.2.1 and its fast fast, then drag the saved gcode file into the octoprint web load and print...done

It's even easier if you install the Octoprint plug-in for Cura. Then your
"Save to File" button becomes a "Print with OctoPrint" button.

Hi Andy
Good in theory, but Knoppix 8.1 does not seem to like Cura.
Synaptic pm red flags it and does not want to install it.
Michael B.