Installing Octoprint in Windows question

I want to try installing Octoprint in Windows 10 and had a look at the help file describing how to do so. I looks very doable and the instructions are good. Just that it doesn't describe actually downloading Octoprint. Suddenly we are installing Octoprint with pip but we haven't downloaded it yet. The Download in the web site seems to be mostly concerned with Octopi, which I don't think you would install for Windows. Is there a location for an Octoprint download? From the instructions it seems that we need to put the install files into a new folder C:/Octoprint so we can change into that folder to create a new virtual environment in the folder and activate it. All good but I think we need the Octoprint install files residing in that folder ahead of time?

OctoPrint is listed on PyPi, the Python Package Index, which means that when you run pip install OctoPrint, pip can download & install it from there. Installing with pip is the entire process of downloading & installing, and also downloading & installing the required dependencies.

The guide is correct - you don't need to download anything extra unless it explicitly says to.

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You may find my experimental windows installer an easier approach.

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I tried your installer and it all went well. I hunted through the C:/Octoprint folder for the startup files. Things are a bit different than shown in the Octoprint guide for Windows installs on their web site. I found the Service Control folder and in the 5000 folder there were start and stop shortcuts for the Octoprint Service ( new name for the Octoprint Server?). I started the service and then tried the HTTP//localhost:5000 in my web browser and Octoprint opened right up. Went through the initial setup pages and got to the main web interface. Success! I copied the start and stop service shortcuts to my desktop ( no icons for Octoprint were copied there during the install ). Now to see if I can print anything. Getting late so try tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know about your Windows installer. Looks like a winner!

Yeah, it's not an exact replica of the manual install instructions since I was using an embedded WinPython instead of a venv and winsw to manage the service wrapper to run the program. I'm glad it worked out smoothly.

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