Installing Octoprint to SD Card

Regardless as whether I use Raspberry Pi Imager or Balena Etcher I end up with the following message on a Windows 11 system: Verifying Failed. Contents of SD Card is different from what was written.

I've been at this for 3 days now and don't know which way to turn. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like a broken sd card.
Can you test it with another one?

I've tested it with 4 brand new Class 10 SD Cards and I get the same response each time. I'm thinking that Windows 11 is having something to do with it. Because how could Raspberry Imager or BalenaEtcher both write something to an SD Card without issues and then both times state that what was written isn't what was on brand new cards?

Ignore the windows 11 error. Etcher and the pi imager verify the write. If there was an issue it would flag it after it runs the verification. Put it in the pi and power it on

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