Installing the 3DPi 3D Printer Direct Wire OctoPrint Server with camera (UK)

What is the problem?

I've purchased the UK based 3DPi kit from the website and I am looking for an installation guide for a Prusa MK3S.

What did you already try to solve it?

Google and YouTube keep directing to PiZero installations (which seem a lot easier), contacted GCC this morning (their website seems to be having issues).

Hello @Tiberius_Kirk!

Do you have a link?
Also on all RasPis the GPIO pinout is the same.

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Probably the one linked on the merch page:


I have watched about 5 seconds of this video, but it seems to show what you need (though with a different buck converter):

Edit: except that you don't need that Adafruit board. But connecting the buck converter should be similar.

That is the one,

I have the feeling it will be 5 seconds of showing me what needs to be done coupled with someone who is still really upset about being a tree in the school play. (Mute, Subtitle and Pan I think).

Edit: Once the presenter stops pratting about it's a really good video, thanks for the link. I've ordered some spades so hopefully I can connect everything up tomorrow.

I'll need to print a good case to put the RPi in when I attach it to the case too.

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