Instone inventor pro

Hello I have 11 3d printers and all of them have a raspberry pi 3B+ running octoprint. the 11th printer is a instone inventor pro and I cant get it to work right with octoprint. I can connect to the printer and using cura I can slice a print and send it to the printer. It will heat up the bed and the just start printing and the hot end is stone cold. It also doesn't care where the heat bed is as it will start trying to print a mile from the bed. I installed Astro print on another raspberry pi and it prints great but I want all my printers on the same program. I have even downloaded instone slicer program think it was cura but it does the same thing. Does anyone know of a fix or should I just be happy with Astro print and go my own way. Any help would be good as I have searched for hours on line and cant find anything.

If you'd share a serial.log or at the very least the contents of your Terminal tab from when you try to start a print and your hotend stays cold, it might be possible to look into this and maybe help you.

thanks I will do that and post my results