IP cams that just work?

Is there a list of (preferable cheap) IP cams that work with octoprint? I just wasted a couple hours trying get a tp c100 working (rstp, or ovif no direct http), great cam for 20 bucks, but the amount of pain to get rstp/ovif working (and then perf issues etc) is to much.

what process did you use for converting the rtsp? I've had pretty good success with both go2rtc and restreamer to get those over into an embeddable format.

There's also GitHub - eroji/rtsp2mjpg: RTSP to MJPEG stream conversion using FFmpeg and FFserver

I tried a bunch of different things without much luck with the C100.
What I’m really looking for is the easy button. Standalone Wi-Fi camera that’s Stream I can add directly to octoprint. Without a bunch of middleman stuff. Ideally with a close focus range so it can sit in the vyper enclosure.

an esp32cam module would probably work in that case. you can flash firmware on it that provides direct mjpg stream that OctoPrint can embed directly without transcoding.

EDIT: For example ESPHome with the camera component. ESP32 Camera Web Server Component — ESPHome

Since I'm a bit of a tasmota fanboy I want to mention that tasmota also works.

Flash using Tasmota Web Installer and select tasmota32-webcam option.

I’m not following, what exactly dose this do?

I used cheap Sony Playstation cams via OctoPrint and Raspberry Pi 3B+ that I picked up on Amazon. (At the time I purchased them, they were less than $8 per)

Those are usb though right? I was hopping to have the camera be independent.

That was related to @jneilliii s post.
Its another firmware for an esp32 cam