Is anyone else having false Filament Run out triggers after upgrading to 1.3.9?


What is the problem?

Immediately after updating to OctoPrint 1.3.9 I started getting false filament run-out triggers. I'm trying to figure out if this is hardware and just a coincidence or if this is as a result of the update.

What did you already try to solve it?
I was watching the printer during two of these triggers and the blue light that indicates that the switch is seeing filament never turned off. I pulled the filament out and re- fed it each time as I needed my very large job to complete.

Additional information about your setup

The printer is a CR-10s
My jobs are sliced in Simplify3D and sent to OctoPrint 1.3.9 running on OctoPi version 0.15.0
I'm using the stock filament switch in a modified articulated housing and have not had any false triggers until yesterday after the update.

Thank you,


If it is caused by the update, I'd love to know how. As far as I understand the filament run out is triggered in the firmware and I am not aware of any interface that would allow to influence that. Would be a fascinating side effect hinting at some issue with the firmware if just sending GCODE could cause a run out to trigger.


Just finished a 5 hour print job on my Anycubic i3 Mega without problems, upgraded to 1.3.9 yesterday.


Well I figure you would know if that could be a potential issue or not, so it looks like I'm going to looking for a broken wire or something like that. Thanks for the clarification.