Is anyone using the MotionEye addon for home assistant and knows how to get the timelapse to grab the image from it?

So I just setup MotionEye on Home Assistant and added an RTSP wyze cam to it. Montioneye gives you 2 URLs, one to access the stream and one to access the still image. The stream works fine from octoprint but when I put in the image url it doesn’t work. Basically a 401 error.

I think it’s because MotionEye is directly serving up the stream, but the still image is coming from Home Assistant, and is only allowing access to the still image via an authenticated session.

I asked this in the home assistant subreddit, with no response, so I figured I would ask here to see if anyone has tried this. Let me know if you know how to access that still image without authenticating.

So I couldn't get MotionEye working, but I was able to do this via ZoneMinder. I installed the docker container:

Note, read his whole install doc. You need to wait like 5 minutes and look at the logs to make sure it's done. THen you can load the URL at https://IP:8443/zm

Then add the Wyze camera(Or any RTSP feed), and access that feed via these URLS:

stream: https://IP:8443/zm/cgi-bin/nph-zms?scale=100&mode=jpeg&maxfps=30&monitor=1&buffer=1000
Still image: https://IP:8443/zm/cgi-bin/nph-zms?scale=100&mode=single&maxfps=30&monitor=1