Is HTTPS access only possible via a reverse proxy?

I've configured Octoprint manually and it is working well on HTTP. I am now looking to add a bit of security (HTTPS) for the browser communication with the Octoprint server but I can only find discussion of doing that via a reverse proxy (e.g. ha), but I am trying to avoid running anything else on the machine... Is using a reverse proxy the only supported mechanism for now to add HTTPS support?


Yes indeed.

Ok, thanks. I was afraid that was the case... :cry:

haproxy is included (and configured) when using OctoPi. I would not be hesitant about adding it manually.

Thanks Brad. I am trying to minimize the number of applications running on the device, so that's why I don't want to install ha or any other reverse proxy.

For now security will have to be relegated to the octoprint user and password, and trusting no one is listening when that's provided via HTTP.

That's the wrong way of thinking about it. Install those applications that do the job most efficiently. Remember there's a whole OS doing all sorts of things in the background too.

haproxy is more efficient at what it does than something built into OctoPrint would be.