Is it possible to automatically upload files from a printer's sd card into the file manager in Octoprint?

Hi Folks,

Im currrently working on setting up a user friendly interface for a 3D printer with octoprint.

For that, im asking if it is possible to upload the files of the printer's sd card into the file manager of octoprint automatically , so that someone can see and choose the files directly. I know that I can list the all the files from the sd card with the gcode command M20 and then choose them with M23, but i want them all listed in the small file manager. I also tried to find some plugins that can manage so but it seems that there are non which can do what i described.

I upload a picture so you know what i mean:

I'm running octoprint on a Raspberry 3 Model B from 2015 with the Tronxy X5SA-PRO COREXY 3d printer and i'm very knew to all the stuff around Raspberry/ Linux etc. I hope someone has already dealt with a similiar problem and can provide me some more information. Thank You! :*

OctoPrint version: 1.4.0
OctoPi version: 0.17.0
3D Printer: Tronxy X5SA-PRO COREXY
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B V1.2

What you are asking for should already work. Looking at your screenshot though your firmware is misbehaving, probably because of

Install Fix CBD Firmware

Then see if that makes things work. If not, enable and share a serial.log

Thank you I will try it and then tell you if it works for me !

hi, installed the plugin but it still won't work. I installed, rebooted the whole system multiple times, and checked for the newest firmware for the tronxy and octopi. What I discovered is that if i unplug the sd card while the raspberry is connected to the printer, nothing happens, but as soon as I plug the sd card in again i got a disconnect followed by this error message:

Unexpected error while reading serial port, please consult octoprint.log for details: SerialException: 'device reports readiness to read but returned no data (device disconnected or multiple access on port?)' @

serial.log (13.3 KB)

octoprint.log (350.2 KB)

Also when i hit the "intialize sd card" button in octoprint, which corresponds to the M21 gcode command, the printer gives me ok as an answer.

It's been quite a while (and several OctoPrint versions ago) since I did it, but setting up a "watched folder" would automatically upload files from that folder into OctoPrint's file manager. I don't know if you can designate the Printer's SD card as a source, however. You can designate any accessible drive on the network (it doesn't have to be directly connected to the Pi on which you are running OctoPrint. So can you start with the files somewhere else other than your printer's SD card?

It's possible this feature has changed since I last messed with it. I've been out of the 3D printing world for a bit now. Just thought I'd mention it as something to look in to.

Sounds like something related to the sd card is making the serial connection freak out then. Try a different card.

What is this action:upload stuff I see in your serial.log? That's not OctoPrint core sending that. No valid gcode or otherwise standardized either.

Other than that yet another case of stuff this firmware managed to break. I'm sorry but I won't invest even more time into figuring out what they broke this time and how to fix it, this firmware single handedly has already caused me enough support overhead (and continues to do so). Please complain to whoever sold you that printer that they sold you a faulty product that is incompatible to existing industry standards.

The plugin should at least allow you to print and manage your printer and that needs to suffice, this firmware is too fscked up.

I got it! It was just an easy option you have to activate in the Octoprint settings.

Go to: Serial Connection > Firmware & protocol

Here you have to deactivate the check box "Enable automatic firmware detection"

Then activate the function: "Always assume SD card is present" and reboot.

It worked fine for me. Otherwise you can configure this setting in the config.yaml file of octoprint.