Is it possible to install frontend and backend on different computers?

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First time foraying into 3D printing and thought I'd start out correctly from the start. Because of this, I'd like to install the frontend on my server and run the web part from there and the backend on a Pi connected to the printer. This way I could have a responsive frontend regardless of my printer status and possible less problems with performance and reliability, my experience of running any server from an RPi w/ SD-card is less than perfect.

I can't find any info whether this is possible. I guess it should be, since I've found out that the part that does the heavy lifting is just a REST server. Or is this just stupidity and I should go back to install it all on the Pi and be done with it?

No, it's not possible to separate because the frontend HTML is server-side rendered before being served to you. It's heavily cached, since it doesn't need to be re-rendered all the time, but not separable from the backend.

You could run Octoprint on your server and connect an esp as network-serial-bridge to your printer.

Here is an example of how it could be done

I'm not sure if esp3D supports ethernet tho.
Personally I wouldn't trust a wifi connection.

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Thanks. I had a quick look at the source code and although I'm not a Python guy, it looks to me like the architecture of the application is not well suited for distributed deployment.

Ah, that is of course an option. As I would want to use a camera w/ OctoPrint it doesn't solve my entire problem. Looks like I'm better off actually running the entire solution of the Pi, seems like a proven solution anyway.

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