Is it possible to monitor a Plugin's CPU usage?

What is the problem?
Monitoring via SSH ("top" command) I am reaching max CPU usage when printing some intricate files.
It is causing the printer to print awkwardly. (It slows down, pauses, and doesn't function properly.)
I have many plugins installed that I am finding helpful with my printing; I am trying to keep them installed if possible.
Even running in safe mode CPU usage still hits ~95% CPU, but the print will run much better.
My Question: Is there a way to break down the "octoprint" line item and monitor CPU usage of an individual plugin? This would help immensely so I can decide which plugins to delete; otherwise I am just guessing.. (Also, I am considering overclocking to combat this problem, feel free to share thoughts/ helpful links)

Thank you.

What did you already try to solve it?
Disabling plugins/ running in safe mode.

Logs (octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab, ...)

I guess a plugin messed something up. When you run safe mode the plugins should be disabled so if you still get nearly 100% I would say there is a issue with octoprint.
Of course that guess is based on the assumption that you use a sufficient device and not something like a pi zero.

I would suggest to set up a fresh install. But maybe someone else got a better idea :slight_smile:


I'm with PrintedWeezl; it looks like a Raspberry Pi Zero W. A Raspberry Pi 3B has a full 1GB of memory but the Zero only has 512M.


Correct, good catch. It is a Pi Zero W.

Do you happen to know if there is a way to perma-disable processes like the webcam/bluetooth etc? (I do have them turned off in octoprint but I see them as a line item taking resources still)

For bluetooth add


To the config.txt in your boot partition.

The easiest way to disable the webcam would be disabling it in


But I would really recommend to buy a raspberry with more than one core. If possible a pi 3 or higher.

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Try leaving the Pi Zero W as a dedicated webcam server and purchase/setup a 3B for your OctoPrint.