Is it possible to rename / delete / block the built-in pi user in OctoPi?

After manipulating the built-in user, the Octoprint service becomes unavailable.
Perhaps, according to the algorithm: install pure Raspbian -> delete / rename the default account -> put Octoprint not in «home / pi» directory everything will work as i would like to. But I do not have enough time.

Is it possible to save time and in the complete OctoPi image remove the built-in user so that octoprint.service does not become «Active: active (exited)» and remains accessible via the web interface?

I tried to solve my problem according to the instructions:

So, here is the result. User is renamed successfully. Service is available. Groups are registered. The owner of the directories has been reassigned, everything seems to be fine, but after rebooting the Raspberry the mentioned above problem appears.

Please help if you know how to do it.

The OctoPi image is a cookie cutter—like approach. If you want to change everything to suit your own needs, you can rename the pi user but then you'd probably need to edit many files as well so that it isn't broken.

You could start from a standard Raspbian install and then follow the instructions for a Linux installation, making the adjustments that you're suggesting. But if you're not comfortable answering your own questions about Linux users/groups/rights then you might have to do some research and some learning first to accomplish all this.