Is there a plugin(or built in feature) that kicks off an event when a timelapse is created that can pass the name of the timelapse to a script?

I basically want to run a system script that needs the name of the file and I was wondering if there is an easy avenue that is already out there. Does anyone know of something like this?

The built in events have this, so all you would need is a single file plugin, with an on_event method in the plugin class, and you could react to it. Docs:

Just realised you don't even need a plugin to react to events :man_facepalming:

Scrolling to the top of the event page (configuration) you can add them to config.yaml for a system command.

Thanks. This worked perfectly. And in case anyone wants to automatically upload timelapses to YouTube in the future I wrote out a procedure on my blog:

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