Is there anyway to connect a pi cam to octoprint wirelessly?

I love using the camera to get updates on my print but whenever I have to take the printer out to work on it, I am most annoyed at having to pull apart the camera set up and the ribbon cable. Failing this is there any connecter to convert the ribbon cable to something easier to unplug?

Wirelessly, yes you can setup any network attached camera, that has an mjpeg stream. Popular thing to use is Motion/MotionEye on a different Pi. Then just put the URL in and away you go.

As for changing the camera cable, no I don't think it can be easily changed, since it's quite specific to the Pi. USB webcams can be used too, these are easier but then obviously you would need to buy one :slightly_smiling_face:.

some time ago there where small adapter boards available with Pi cam ribbon cable to HDMI socket (CE == China Export). It was around € 10,00. I don't know, if they are still available.

For $25 you can buy a Wyze Cam V2. It's fully self-contained, wireless, has audio, and has a free cloud based app. It takes 3 minutes to set up. One other cool feature, if you have a smoke alarm near your 3d printer, the camera can detect the pitch of a smoke alarm and send you a notification if your printer is overheating and burning down your house, so you can call the fire department.

Soon you can get the V3 (shipping in January) for $20 at
Cheaper than RaspPI and camera and a lot less work if your lazy like me.