Issue with Orca Slicer

Hi guys.
Before I go crazy, would you have any idea why when I use Orca Slicer, my print starts printing in the void after a few layers if I launch the print from Octoprint/Octopi. No worries if I slice with Cura or Creality Print and launch via Octoprint/Octopi. I have an Ender 3 V3 SE. I should point out that if I restart printing via Cura just behind, without touching the nozzle, printing goes well, so the nozzle isn't clogged or damaged in principle. And if I print from the SD card, even if sliced on Orca, no worries either. Thank you very much and sorry for my english.

That's odd

Does that mean you get spaghetti or it just move the print head and it's printing nothing?

Yep, very odd ...
It starts printing, and about 20 layers or so, it's printing nothing as you can see in this video:

Have you tried safe mode?

Hi, no i didn't. I'll give it a try.
Thank you.

Does the extruder stepper do anything when that happens?

Just want to rule out a clog

It just continue as you can see on the video i posted earlier :wink:
But without touching anything, if i relaunch from gcode sliced in Cura, printing is ok.

Please pick a simple object that demonstrates the problem and upload the .stl file and the .gcode files from both Orca and Cura.

Since the problem seems to be Orca related, please enable serial logging, print using the Orca .gcode file, and upload a systeminfo bundle (which will include the serial.log).

Thank you, i will do that asap.
In the meantime, i'm trying the "Safe mode". For now, my test print is going well !
So maybe it can be plugin related ?
Here is my list of 3rd party plugins. I don't really see what could be guilty here ...

Thank you.

It can be plugin related (which is what the safe mode test was for).

I was leaning towards a difference in the .gcode files but I'm happy with whatever fix works!

Octolapse has a test run mode or something like that which will impact printing. It basically will do all movements except extrusion. I've seen people discuss issues related to setting up the profile properly with OctoLapse for Orca too. I'd try disabling that plugin first to validate.

Hi, you were right. It is Octolapse causing the issue. I have to check why.
Thank you guys for the help !