Issues upgrading

I'm new to Raspberry, OctoPrint, OctoDash, and... heck... I'm only a couple weeks into 3D printing.

That said, I have been pulling my hair out the past two days trying to get OctoPrint and OctoDash setup, only to encounter an EXTREMELY unstable environment that constantly crashes.

Turns out, the culprit was running "sudo apt update/upgrade" as instructed on the Chris's Basement OctoDash installation video.

I started from scratch and intentionally skipped this step, and everything is working like a dream!

This is a terrible suggestion. You wouldn't say to never update your phone or desktop/laptop would you?

Instead it would be helpful to provide some info about your setup, what packages were upgraded, and what issues you had.

Moved to the right secrion and adjusted the title.

Fair point. My apologies. My title was a reflection of my relief at figuring out a gremlin I had been battling for two days.

I’m using a Pi 4B 4GB with a UPERFECT 7 inch Pi Touchscreen. Octopi is 0.18.0, downloaded Thursday from the octoprint website. All GUI updates are installed, so OctoPrint is 1.6.1. I’ve also run the raspi-config utility updater without issue.

I have no idea what packages were attempting to install, as sudo apt update is pretty wide ranging, and the issues didn’t begin until after it was run. Not running it is the only difference between two prior fresh installs, and the current one. Does the OctoPi install file, in conjunction with the OctoPrint GUI software upgrader, not install all that is needed?

Issues: terrible instability, constant hanging and disconnects, and rebooting. Nothing in particular seemed to trigger it. Most times, OctoDash would never load. SSH would be working one minute, and inaccessible the next.

Resolution: I’ve resolved this issue, or at least bypassed it for now, so my main goal is to help others who experience the same. That said, I also recognize that I am a complete novice at working with anything related to Raspberry Pi. My solution was to NOT run sudo apt update/upgrade. Something in the upgrade completely tripped up my install, but I don’t know what it is as MANY packages were updated. It took a while to install numerous updates. I’m having zero issues now. My apologies for not being able to share any log files, but I’m not running it again, only to have to start from scratch a 4th time.

OK, so based on your comment, I did some more research, and decided to try "sudo apt full-upgrade" instead of just "sudo apt upgrade". This apparently preserves dependencies and gets rid of packages that are no longer needed.

This worked fine, and all is well, so thanks for pushing me! :slight_smile: