Issues with Captive Portal

Having issues being able to SSH into the Pi. Due to my apartment complex's Captive Portal, I'm unable to get my Pi online.

I've already searched multiple outlets to find a workaround as well as calling the ISP. I have even tried to access the ethernet ports on the outlets. Sadly I'm unable to access the router physically.

I've been using both Terminal on my MacBook Pro and also various SSH apps on my iPad Pro.

So does your pi even get an ip assigned?

I'd suggest getting your own internal home router. It would connect via wi-fi to the Captive Portal, receive (what to you would look like) an external IP address. Internally, your own home router would offer wi-fi and a different set of IP addresses and you could control it however you wanted.

The apartment's wi-fi is going to be very restrictive with respect to peer-to-peer traffic and that's a good thing. You won't be able to circumvent that.

If you have an unlimited cellphone plan for data then you could open up a hotspot on your phone and connect your printer and workstation to that.