Just got prompted to do the update and now it does not work!

Just turned on my printer and there was a version 0.18 available with a new version of OctoPrint 1.5 something. I can't say exactly what because I cannot get it to work now, I just get a 500 server error. I have been used to just clicking on these when they come up as it is generally reliable.

I've restarted a few times and logged into the PI using SSH to prove the PI itself is okay.

Not sure how to run OctoPrint in Safemode or if I can do that from the command line.

octoprint.log (102.0 KB) plugin_softwareupdate_console.log (311.2 KB) serial.log (148 Bytes)

Lots of stuff in there. Should I just do this from scratch? Problem I have is I cannot remember how my pluggins were configured and knowing that would allow me to save a lot of time. Particularly the MQTT one!

You can run the pi in safe mode using this doc

Just run the following commands

~/oprint/bin/octoprint safemode
sudo service octoprint restart

It looks like your configuration contains an invalid local network definition that is causing this. I cannot tell you how that ended up in there, OctoPrint doesn't ship like that, but that is the problem according to your log. OctoPrint 1.6 will also protect against that.

Use SSH to connect to your Raspberry Pi. If you are on Windows you can use putty for that. Username is pi, password is raspberry (unless you changed it).

Once you are connected, issue this command:

~/oprint/bin/octoprint config remove_value accessControl.localNetworks .

Then restart the server:

sudo service octoprint restart

This should hopefully cure it. If not, try this instead:

~/oprint/bin/octoprint config remove accessControl.localNetworks

Then restart the server:

sudo service octoprint restart

Report back if that solves it.

Sadly no luck. With both commands it tries to start then after a bit I get the following message

Looks like something went wrong during startup, the server is gone again. You should check octoprint.log .

octoprint.log (153.5 KB)

This is the log after I have done both of those commands and restarted. I then tried starting in Safe mode per jacob2040 instructions, but that failed too.

You are running quite a bunch of plugins on that tiny Pi Zero W.

Yeah, Ironically the reason I turned it on today was to migrate it across to a new RPI4. Plan was to do a backup and then restore it to the new computer. Decided the best thing to do was let it upgrade then the backup would be more compatible. Truth is I didn't even know if that would work but it felt like a better way to do it than manually doing it. Now I need to get it going so that I can get to the setting on things like the MQTT so that I can programme the new device to be the same.

Hm, that last log actually looks like it comes up though. So at least the initial error is resolved. Given that this is a 0w, try giving it some more time to boot up and only run in safemode.

And once again I can't help but shake my head frustrated at the fact that Prusa keeps on recommending this underpowered setup despite my continued warnings against it.