Just set set up Octoprint. Is it possible to use Octoprint to stop prints started from the printer?

Simple question, apologies for not using the template, I figured it would waste your time to read such a long template for such a simple question:

If I start a print from the printer itself (through the SD card, using the LCD on the printer itself, NOT through Octoprint.), can I use Octoprint to stop the print?

With most printers, simply connecting to the printer from OctoPrint will reset the printer, interrupting an ongoing print. This by the way is not something that OctoPrint has control over; it is how your printer is wired.

Im really more curious if there’s a way to stop the print intentionally. For example, if I notice the filament runs out from the webcam, can I stop the print thru Octoprint even if I didn’t start the print with Octoprint.

Depends on the firmware if the action commands are enabled.

Can you elaborate a little bit? Pretend I’m 5 because that’s how old I feel right now working on this.

I didn’t fill out the template because I don’t have a problem. As a result, none of the sections except for the last one can be filled out.

I haven’t tried anything yet, I just set up the raspberry pi, tried printing something off Octoprint, the quality was much worse then what I’d get printing off the printer itself, and while I work on that problem (I don’t need help with that yet, I haven’t gotten a chance to work on the known fixes for that problem yet) I wanted to know if I could set something to print today then leave, and while I’m away, still stop it if there’s a problem.

I’m using the most recent stable version of Octoprint, running on my RP02W, on my Ender 3 v2 running Marlin 2.0.

I really just want to know 1 thing:

Can Octoprint stop a print that it did not start itself?

How can I send an action command from Octoprint?

It's nothing to do with action commands, in fact very much the opposite.

Action commands are sent from the printer to OctoPrint, to cancel a print started by OctoPrint if you press cancel on the printer display for example. It's the printer controlling the host.

In your case, the question is the opposite and we don't need more information really, since the answer to a fairly simple question is quite simple, people responding don't need to be so condescending towards simple questions here.

OctoPrint can stop a print that it did not start itself. All OctoPrint needs to do to stop the SD card print is an M25 gcode, which it will do.

There's one caveat - the option to cancel will only show up if the printer reports it is printing from the SD card. Not all firmware does do this, this is something you will need to test on your printer and see if OctoPrint picks up the correct status in the UI. If you start an SD print from within OctoPrint, it should know enough.


This makes sense, thanks.

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