Just updated to 1.3.7 - Slicer is not Slicing Correct


**What is the problem? When I slice a flat panel. 130mm x 130mm it is wanting to print it a section at a time. By the time it gets to the end it is all screwed up.

**What did you already try to solve it? rebooted

Is there anyway to get back to the 1.3.6 it was working great!


If you aren't interested in finding out why your prints come out wrong now and want to stay stuck on 1.3.6 forever since it's highly unlikely that your problem will fix itself and without your collaboration, see this link (which is btw posted beneath every single release announcement on the OctoBlog...):


thanks. reverted back to 1.3.6. Everything is working again.
Not sure what the deal was with the 1.3.7.
didn't calculate time
Slicer issues
could not import slicer profiles


We'll probably never find out and I'll never be able to fix it.


oh. I bet you will.. lol. This is an awesome system. It is probably my lack of knowledge anyway. I am in the computer business. I can't code but I see it everyday!


I'm guilty! have a good day!