Keep file paused?

Hello, I want to make a query. I made a gcode script to pause my printing and resume it later.
However, when turning off the printer, and the raspberry is on, the current printing file disappears. There is some way to leave the file paused and keep it when i disconnect the Raspberry to the printer?

Thank you. Octoprint is simply wonderful.

When you switch off the printer, the USB connection collapses. OctoPrint assumes this as a fatal error of the printer and ends the print job.

If you working with a heated print bed the model also may get lose from the bed. And even it stays in place, when you heat up the bed again, the model will not stick to the bed again.

See the Pause mode as it is, as a pause for a short time. It is not a hibernation mode.


If you turn off the printer, the connection to octoprint will be interrupted and can not continue. Use Pause in octoprint and leave the printer on. This is important so that the part does not loose connection from the heating bed.
The original Prusa MK3 offers a function in case of power failure to continue printing. This only works for short interruptions (bed should not cooling down) and only for prints from SD card, not from octoprint.

Thanks to both for the answers. Yes, Ender 3 also incorporates that pause. In the case of prints using a spray adhesive and cold bed, you can turn off the printer and continue the next day without problems. It is the only feature that I miss when using Octoprint.
I tried to activate "Ignore", in Error handling of the panel of Octoprint, but the impression disappears equally. For this reason I asked, perhaps there was another option that does not know. Again thank you very much.

The Power Save function works printer-firmware internally, so only if you print from the SD card. Copy the GCODE to the SD card and start printing from there, then a longer break will work, in condition without bed heating.
To integrate this feature (if it is possible) into octoprint, please contact the developer "foosel".

Thank you. It's not too important I can not think of bothering foosel with this. She already has enough work. :slight_smile: Greetings.


And I'm going to guess she's going to tell you what she's told others in the past: resuming after power off is nearly impossible to do well with all sorts of printers.