Klipper and USB 3D printer

I have working Klipper running with My Delta printer. Now I have second Corexy Printer (MKS Robin Nano Board) and I'm unable to connect to it.
If I use Repetier Host no problem with connection.
I'm using Ubuntu PC.
Please help, I'm struggling for 3 days now...

Is one Klipper server able to drive different printers the same time?
AFAIK, the settings in Klipper are very printer hardware specific and dedicated to the specific printer.
Delta printers and core-xy are very different. You may have to setup another RasPi with a new OctoPrint/Klipper installation for the xy.

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I'm not using Klipper for the CoreXY, I just want to upload gcode on CoreXY MicroSD Card.

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We don't really provide support for multiple-printers-per-OctoPrint installation. Feel free to search the forum otherwise but it sounds like this isn't going to work as you have it now.