Klipper on die mini de v1.2

I can't get klipper on the skr mini een v1.2 working. I've made a klipper.bin file on the raspberryPi, with the right settings, but I can't get it to work.

I've changed the klipper.bin file to firmware.bin and put it on the sd of the printer, but the printer won't boot. Only a blue screen (ender 3 pro)

I don't know if Klipper runs on a 32-bit printer board.

On 8-bot boards it is uploaded to the board from Klipper on the Raspberry Pi with OctoPrint.

In all, it's a Klipper related thing, you may get more information on their site.

Yeah It does run on 32 bit. There is an option for

Try making the firmware name unique. The 32 bit boards I have encountered need a unique firmware name to boot it. PlatformIO for Marlin does this by default, it creates a name that includes the date and time when it was built. Something like firmware20210109.bin

Otherwise, it is an issue with your build of Klipper that is not related to OctoPrint, and so we are unlikely to know what else to do.