Kraken: A new iOS client for OctoPrint

Hi all! I wanted to share what I've been working on for the last few months: Kraken, a beautiful iOS client for OctoPrint. I wasn't happy with the existing iOS clients as they're all somewhat ugly and have an awkward UI/UX. I also wanted a way to manage multiple printers easily rather than switching between multiple tabs in my browser.

The current features include:
• Start, pause, resume or cancel your print
• Monitor print progress
• Stream camera video
• Move, extrude, retract, set temperatures and control fans
• View and search Gcode files on your OctoPrint server or its SD card
• 3D Touch shortcuts
• Add multiple printers

I'm just getting started and have a lot more features planned, but wanted to share with this community and get some early feedback and thoughts on how to improve.

You can download Kraken here:


Looks great!

Downloading now. Which of these features are paid? (I noticed the IAP Kraken Pro on the App Store page).

I would love some shortcuts support!

Right now the paid features are:
• Full screen video stream
• Add multiple printers
• 3D Touch shortcuts
• Faster data refresh intervals

By shortcuts do you mean 3D Touch shortcuts on the app icon or Siri shortcuts?

I plan to add more free and paid features soon. My goal was to make the app fully functional for free users and add more “nice to have” features for anyone willing to pay a few dollars for them. Enjoy!

Shortcuts as in integration with the shortcuts app, not necessarily the previous "donate shortcut to Siri Shortcuts" type of integration even though that could be nice as well, but rather actions that could be used when building your own shortcuts in the shortcuts app

The 3D shortcuts are almost dead IMO, both because of the removal of 3D touch on newer devices as well as the UI changes for 3d shortcuts in iOS 13.

Gotcha, that would be cool. Do you have any suggestions for what types of shortcuts would be useful?

Well there's loads you could do. Detect printing status + printing actions could give you a shortcut automation to pause prints when leaving home and resuming when you get back.
Maybe you could list files and select ones to print - That could give you a Siri printing interface.
I'd probably try to get use of some NFC tags to do something, maybe scan an NFC tag by the printer and get some detailed info etc.

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It's interesting and a lot better then the version that's out there.

My one issue that I have is when I set a temp. It automatically goes back to the dashboard. Would it be possible to have an option or make it stay in the controls? I mainly use this option when I'm calibrating or working on the machine and the computer isn't close by to make the Octoprint adjustments.

It would also be nice to see what the current temps are on the dashboard. Also another setting to allow the view or hiding the feature?

Otherwise, nice app so far. I'll put out more as I use it more.

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That could also be a use for shortcuts - Set up a shortcut "hey Siri, set hot end temperature" -> Siri responds asking for input -> you say a number "Two hundred and twenty" -> Convert that to a number and input to Kraken which sets the temp on the printer (and the same for bed temp, raise the z-axis etc) could be useful when calibrating and tinkering, interacting hands free with octoprint could be really neat

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Thanks for the feedback, I will update it to keep you on the control tab after changing temperatures.

The dashboard does show the current temperature for all hotends and the heated bed. Or do you mean on the control tab?

Thanks for the tip on that but the environment I work in would be annoying at best. I'll keep this in mind for at home though. :slight_smile: Cheers

I've noticed that the first one I put in will not display temps. However, the second one I added does have temps on it. I've since changed API's from Octoprint and deleted and re-added the printer. It's a bit confusing. Both Octoprint's are exactly the same outside of the IP address and API key. When I get more time this weekend, I'll try to reinstall Octoprint on it and see where it gets me.

Looks promising !

Do you have a screenshot of how multiple printers feature looks like ?

Sure, if you check out the app store link there's screenshots showing it:

Hello... How do i do to use it from the web (not local) ?

Nice looking App, does the Pro version support Landscape Display (I use it on an iPad), or is that planned for the future?

Hi Mattias_Lindgren, there is nothing special about Kraken that lets you connect over the web. I recommend using a VPN. More info on connecting here: - A Guide To Safe Remote Access of OctoPrint

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Hey Eric, landscape/iPad is not something Kraken supports currently but is on the roadmap!

Looks really great but just searching for "Kraken" in the App Store gives lots of hits for Bitcoin apps but not your app.

Suggest a friendly name change to "KrakenPrint"?


It already has the friendly name Kraken for OctoPrint :slight_smile:
I guess if you just search for Kraken Octoprint you will also find it (got no apple device - can't test it :slight_smile: )

My goal here is for people searching for "octoprint" in the app store can find the app, where it does rank pretty highly. I guess if you already know the name of the app and what it's for then you won't have much trouble finding it.

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