Kraken: A new iOS client for OctoPrint

First of all, I really like the app.

Are you still taking feedback on Kraken?

If so, the features that I think that it needs are as follows:

  1. Native iPad support
  2. A view that streams the cameras from all of your servers at the same time
  3. The ability to see/search/sort the meta data from the gcode tab (I would love to be able to support by last printed or even to be able too see that info from the view)

And a little bug report. I have 6 printers in the app and two of them will not show me the camera feed in your app but it works fine directly from the browser interface and The Spaghetti Detective. One is a pi camera and the other is a USB webcam.

@tenthrow Thanks for the feedback! I love all these ideas; look for 2 and 3 to be added soon.

The webcam issue has been plaguing some of our users. Do you have an email I can reach you at for further troubleshooting? I'd love to get to the bottom of this.

Awesome! I sent a PM.

I just bought your app and look forward to future updates. It's very nice so far but I can't find the "3D Touch shortcuts" and I have a 3D Touch installed and enabled.
Is there a preferred method to add feature requests? I look forward to the native iPad support.

@markyodo Hello, glad you're enjoying it so far. 3D Touch shortcuts are available in Kraken Pro. Once you've upgraded, you can force touch/long press on the app icon to access the shortcuts. Hope that helps!

I did purchase and Oh Ok, I read this wrong I thought you meant shortcuts for 3D Touch sensor / BLTouch. LOL sorry for that confusion. Well you can add that as my first feature request, a button that will push gcode for bed leveling :smiley: Or maybe a "shortcuts" section in your app where we can create favorites for common gcode that can be saved as a button for execution.

Sorry for the confusion! Yes, custom Gcode shortcuts will be coming soon