Kraken: A new iOS client for OctoPrint

Hi there, Kraken will mirror your OctoPrint camera orientation settings. If you've adjusted the orientation settings since you configured Kraken, you may need to delete and re-add your printer since Kraken caches the orientation settings.

Hi, just got the app. Looks very nice and feels smooth on my phone. Does the Shortcut in the Pro Version also count for the „Shortcuts“ iOS App? I dont have 3D Touch on my phone sadly.

Also: Would it be possible to control the Raspberry GPIO Pins via the App? Would be nice if i could control my LEDs like that

Hey Marvin, thanks for the kind words! Shortcuts here refers to iOS Home Screen Actions rather than the Shortcuts app. On newer devices, these can still be accessed via a long press on the app icon.

I cannot get Kraken to connect to my server no matter what I do. Other Octoprint apps seem to work. I have it setup right now with a virtual printer for testing but cannot get it to see the server from my Iphone.

Hey there, send me an email at and I can help you debug