Kudo3D Bean running octoprint

I recently bought a Kudo3D Bean. it is a DLP resin printer. It has an RPi 3B as the front end and an Arduino Mega 2560 as the backend. When one calls up the Kudo3D.local webpage on my network, the page looks extremely similar to Octoprint, including the Octoprint logo the tab and the same "connection, state and files" frames on the left side. There is however no credit given to Octoprint and to Gina. Nor is there a way (in any of the manuals) to update the software or to add plugins (such as notifications). Would you be able to tell me if this is a legit use of Octoprint, or a copyright and/or patent infringement?


What did you already try to solve it?

Nothing yet as I would like to know that this is a legitimate use of Octoprint. If so I am more than happy to mod it to add a motion cam to look for ripples and movement, and plugins to notify me of completion and also prevent me from homing the stage when the lid is on the tank.

Have you tried running in safe mode?


Did running in safe mode solve the problem?


Complete Logs

octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab at a minimum, browser error console if UI issue ... no logs, no support! Not log excerpts, complete logs.)


Additional information about your setup

OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, browser, operating system, ... as much data as possible


Thanks for listening, I hate to see hard work go unrewarded. I can send screenshots if you so wish.


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As seen here OctoPrint is released under an AGPL 3 Open Source license. The details do not prevent manufacturers from using the product, but license/copyright must remain in place and source of their changes must also be disclosed I think.

I did find this tidbit of info....

There is no attribution to Octoprint or to Gina anywhere. The code is not on any open source site. Both these omissions are contrary to the Licence. Perhaps someone should write the company a letter as to their failings.

:man_facepalming: They've even used the OctoPrint logo as the favicon... As the link above suggests they haven't tried hard to hide it, but are violating the AGPLv3 license by not disclosing the source or copyright stuff.

@foosel has just come back from a good Christmas break, pinging here in case you choose to do something.

I just sent them an email:

Subject: Use of OctoPrint in Kudo3D printers

Hello there,

I just got made aware of the fact that apparently you are shipping a customized version of OctoPrint with your resin printers, as documented in this thread on the OctoPrint community forums:

Kudo3D Bean running octoprint

I want to remind you of your obligations under OctoPrint's AGPLv3 license to - among other things - release the source code of your modifications under the same license terms and leave all copyright and authorship notices in place, which it seems you are both currently not fulfilling. See also the license here: https://github.com/OctoPrint/OctoPrint/blob/cd1d72b267ae5267450d1ace65bb072c72c8b725/LICENSE.txt

I would prefer if this could be solved fast and with your full collaboration. As the person who's put the past 8 years of her lifetime into this project, I do not take lightly to seeing my work used outside of its licensing terms.

Best regards,
Gina Häußge

We'll see if I get an answer. If not I guess I'll have to look for some legal counsel. Funnily enough, their Twitter account was suspended due to TOS violations :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just to keep y'all in the loop, I got a response that shows willingness to fix this, let's see where that goes.

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From what I can tell that printer is using chitubox board, which we know from the CBD fix I think. Maybe this will open up resin capability to more people...

That is exactly why I feel extra angry here. I can't count the number of times how often people have asked me for DLP support in OctoPrint. I don't have the time to take that on. Some company apparently did, is even selling their product with it, but leaves the community they built their product on hung out to dry. Viral licenses like the AGPL are created to combat precisely that kind of scenario.


It does look like they have their octopi distro on github, plus a couple of other forks from other projects.

I think that is super. I'm a hobby 3D Printer and love model trains. Octoprint has been super. You deserve the recognition.

So, that took way longer than it should have. It seems they have never before used github (the repository mentioned up there is/was(?) maintained by a contractor I guess), didn't know how to provide me with the sources and so on.

In the end, we agreed that they'd provide me the image with the sources on it (don't ask) and that's what I finally got today. The changes they made to OctoPrint were not committed back to git, but at least I was able to create one commit that should hopefull contain everything.

I've pushed their sources to this GitHub respository. The interesting commit is this one which contains all changes to the source that weren't checked in (apart from some crud that I removed).

Feel free to poke around and experiment with this. Be aware though that they based their modifications on a development version of OctoPrint from April 2015, so there be dragons.

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