Latest octoprint 1.3.7 freezes with temps running high, 4th time :(


So this happened a few times, and now it's downright dangerous as I left it for overnight and octoprint freezed, I wen in through teamviewer and did a puty telnet into the octopi to see if it works, I could get in, restarted the octoprint, and saw the temperatures were still high - damn.. I cannot leave it on again, it could have run on 210C whole night standing on one point?

I have a bunch of plugins, but it seems it started acting out with ether the last RC or the latest upgrade..
Octopi version is 2017-06-25_2017-06-21-octopi-jessie-lite-0.14.0

I removed some of the plugins that didn't seem to work, or didn't use..

Installed the latest prusa mk3 firmware (after it started freezing up)

Have the latest octolapse running..

Anyway, I think I will have to reainstall the whole thing now, run a new octopi - it's on pi 3 b+

.. this is now downright scarry, is it a potential fire hazard leaving it at one spot runing ar 210C?
.. i mean if it froze like 3 hours in I probably wouldn be awake to notice and restart the server.. :frowning:

octoprint log..


It looks like your server simply crashed without leaving any kind of log entry. And you have a ton of errors in your log from the Anywhere plugin. Try running in safe mode, to rule out any plugin causing these issues.

Additionally, since you mentioned the Octolapse plugin, there was another issue reported that caused the temperatures to not be reset properly on print end which could be traced back to this plugin, see this thread:


OK I've reinstalled octopi 0.15 latest nightly now, and wanna avoid buggy plugs.. what plugin is the best so I can access from outside of my local network (I can't be bothered with the ip forwarding or whatevz, (I got trouble accessing my router)..

.. the octoprint anywhere, I think I installed way before I got the freezes..

.. gonna install the stuff that I needed, I installed a bunch of plugins to test out, some didn't even load (was it the obsolete filter thing?) ..

  • anyway.. redoing the whole thing, and left this info to see if there are any buggy plugins that can be extrapolated out of this ..

BTW the local network stopped recognizing the octopi.local and now doesn't even show up in the network.. I'm using the IP, not problem, but what can I do to reset the network so it can be recognized again? I know workgroup stuff can get scrambled from time to time, I also reinstalled the pc I accessed from, with same computer name