Layer and height not displayed


I'm running Octoprint 1.4.0 on a Raspberry Pi

I don't know if my problem occur long time ago but I'm using the same slicer (Simplify3D).

When printing, my current height and layer are not displayed :

My GCode look good :

G92 E0
G1 E-1.2000 F2400
G1 Z0.100 F1200
; process Process1
; layer 1, Z = 0.100

; layer 93, Z = 9.300
; layer 94, Z = 9.400
; layer end
M104 S0 ;Chauffage de l extrudeuse eteint
M140 S0 ;Chauffage plateau eteint

Can anyone can help me ?



Are you printing from sd card? These indicators will not work in such a scenario.


No. All my prints are made from the RPi. I have remove the SD card from the motherboard.

Which plugin do you use for displaying the layer informations?
If you use, you can raise a ticket in the plugin issue-tracker:

In that ticket I need the following informations:

  • DLP Version
  • Python Version
  • Do you upload from slicer via OP-API or upload via drag&drop? (uploading via scp is not working)
  • Attach the orig. gcode from slicer

Take a look into the octoprint log files (attach to the issue as well), maybe there is already an error-description.


Yes, I'm using your plugin, I will open a ticket :wink:

DLP Version : ???
Python Version : 2.7.16
GCode files uploaded using the Upload button
The GCode file : Table_Hanger_Bottom.gcode (871.3 KB)

I have removed and cleand all the log files to send you clean files but now, I'm printing the same GCode as yesterday.

Current hieght start at -/9.2 and get stuck at 0.3/9.2

Current layer stay at -/94 during print.

I had to abort the print at layer 5 or 6.

octoprint.log (291.4 KB)

Thx, for the log and ....dammm there is a an error calculating feedrate:

ValueError: could not convert string to float: 

I will fix this issue as soon as possible in DisplayLayerProgress (DLP). Btw. you use the latest Version 1.19.1.

Btw again: You are using "PrintJobHistory (1.0.0rc5)" and this Version is not compatible with OctoPrint 1.4.x. The next version will be working.


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Hi @MikeBZH44,

I analysed the error a little bit deeper.... and the reason is this:

I need to fix this in my plugin anyway, but you need to fix your gcode.
Line 216: G1 F{travel_speed}
Then you can also work with the current DLP-Version.

OK but do you mean that I have to remove G1 F{travel_speed} from my GCode ?

Because I'm using this pre-code almost for 2 years and I never face this issue.

Is it because I upgrade OctoPi / OctoPrint recently (I add to because plugins were not able to upgrade automaticaly anymore because of Python version) ?

The{travel_speed} is supposed to be replaced by your slicer (which was probably Cura at some point in the past). S3D doesn't use {}for its variables, it uses [] and I don't know if travel_speed is one of its variables (people have asked for a list of S3D variables but the developers have so far ignored the request).

The command itself may very well be a noop anyway as the feed speed (F) is changed often (see the rest of your start gcode).

I never used Cura but I may have copy my precode from someone who use Cura :wink:

BTW, I have replace {] with [] but S3D does not replace the value in the GCode file :

G1 F[travel_speed]

I have remove this line and I will make a test today.