LCD 3.5 problem install

Hello everybody
I'm new, I installed octoprint on my raspberry 3 and here everything is ok, now I wanted to install 3.5 lcd monitor but the monitor remains all
white, I installed the LCD-show-160701.tar.gz file and ran
the commands:
cd / boot
sudo tar zxvf LCD-show-160701.tar.gz
cd LCD-show /

but the display remains white, what am I doing?
help me


Hi new,

You may have a misunderstanding about OctoPrint. By itself, OctoPrint is a "headless" server; it does not have a user interface. OctoPrint serves html pages to browsers. You can run a browser on the Raspberry Pi, which can display on your touch screen, but this is not the "default" mode of operating it; you will have to do additional installation steps, including installing the "desktop" using sudo ~/scripts/install-desktop.

You may also be having other problems, because for example there should be no space between cd / and boot. The commands you list only try to extract a file (of which I don't know if it is in the correct place to begin with), and changes into a folder where you don't seem to be doing anything. The commands should show some output, and without that output it is near impossible to help you. Perhaps you can point us to a guide you are trying to follow? And perhaps you can get help from the people that wrote that guide?


Googling brought me to this:

At the very least, you need step 3. If that does not work, perhaps we can help if you show the output of each of the individual incantations commands you executed. But remember, we don't have that display, we don't have that software, so we can't follow along. So be as complete as possible in your descriptions of what is and what is not happening.


ok great, all correct.
Now I would like to install TouchUI and rotate the display.
How can I do?