LED Lighting setup - New User

Hi .. Have been running octoprint on 3 printers very successfully but I would like to now be able to control a LED strip from the plugin that uses pin 13 GPIO. Thats as much as I know. I haven't got a clue what I need to do :slight_smile: My LED strip has its own 12v power supply and at the moment they are switched on by the x and z axis moving to a specific point where the x carriage pushes a soft touch latching switch.
I have read loads and loads of web pages but to be honest I am worried about bricking the PI hence my plea for some guidance.

I am running the latest version of Octoprint on a Rasberry PI 3b and the printer is a creality 5plus with a bltouch. I would be really grateful for any help and apologies if my question is very basic. Thanks

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, what kind of hardware precisely, ...)

There are multiple LED plugins available from the repository which you can research, install, and test. You will not "brick" your RPi. OctoPrint has plenty of safeguards available to prevent an errant plugin from doing that.

More specific details on the LED strip might make it easier to provide a more specific answer.

I have researched them however I am stuck on what wires go where. The Led strip is non addressable 12v (2 wire neg and pos). One of the plugins allow the use of gpio13 but that's as far as the instruction goes

If they are simple on/off LEDs, then I think the Enclosure plugin might have support for that.

How are the LEDs wired now (i.e. can you provide a wiring diagram or description)? Where did GPIO pin 13 come from? I don't believe the GPIO pins can handle 12v nor can they handle the current I suspect the LEDs require. If I'm right, then you will need a relay of some sort.