LED plugging in straight to raspberry pi

Hello community,
So I have a raspberry pi 3b+ or 3b not sure but anyways. At first I had some cheap no name power supply and octoprint showed me underwoltage. After that I read it should at least have 5v and 2A. Did that bought new power supply and it showed that it was fine. But I have enclosure and I attacheded some led to it and plugged straight to raspberry through USB and now it shows the underwoltage. What kind of power supply i should get to have good power supply to octopi and leds at the same time?

One that supplies 10 Watt (2 ampere) plus whatever that LED strip needs, though it is better to power the LED strip separately.


Just btw:
If you use an external power supply and have a WS2810 or similar led strip and you want to control the leds with your raspberry you have to connect the ground of your external power supply with the ground of your pi :slight_smile:

There are a lot of things going on here.

  • As suggested, use two power adapters: one for the Pi and one for the LED strip
  • As suggested, connect the ground from the LED strip over to the Pi's ground as well
  • The logic level of the Pi is 3.3V; often, the logic level of LED strips are 5V since they're made for Arduino (perhaps)

It's good to buy LED strips which indicate that they are for the Raspberry Pi so that you can just connect a GPIO pin and you're good-to-go. Otherwise, you need to adjust the voltage level so that the GPIO pin's 3.3V logic can drive a 5V circuit on the LED strip.

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