Led Strip WS2812b not working correctly

What is the problem?
I can't make led strip ws2812b work correctly. They are connected to a raspberry pi 3B+, and also to a power supply (2A, 5V). There is 28 leds so the power supply should be good (60mA per leds). The raspberry is connected to the ground of the power supply. I use the GPIO 10 of the raspberry pi.

What did you already try to solve it?
I installed the "RBG Status" plugin in octoprint after enabling the SIP.
The leds are lighting up but not the way I would like. When on and set on a specific color, they shines and show many color (mostly white). When the light are turned off they seems to do whatever they like (show random colors).
I have attached two different images to show what's happenning.

RGB Status turned off

RGB Status turned On with a static color


Thanks for your help.

Hey there! I can't help you with issues with the 'RGB Status' plugin, but I know WS281x LEDs quite well since I have my own plugin WS281x LED Status'.

You could try and review my setup guide (linked in my plugin page, if you can't find it I will dig it out). The thing that is often wrong with WS281x LEDs is the common ground, as in my wiring diagrams.

Let me know if you have any more questions about it!

Thanks for your quick reply ^^. I also tested this plugin and had the same behavior. I didn't test with the level shifting chip, but before that i would like to know if this is the behavior you can have when connecting directly the raspberry to the led strip.

No, it should work and look exactly how you think it should - in my plugin wiki there are animations of the effects, to see what they should look like. It could be the hardware, maybe a level shifter might help, also check the ground connections are good.

It really depends on the specific hardware as to whether that works. I have two setups here, one with, one without a level shifter.

When you connect the RPi directly to the LED strip, are you also connecting the ground from each together? You should have a total of two connections from the RPi to your LEDs if the LEDs have an independent power supply (which they should).

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Ok so the problem seems to be resolved .
Thanks to @ryan780 and @Charlie_Powell who point out the ground problem. In fact my breadboard on which I was doing my test was not working properly. I did change the socket where I put the ground of the Raspberry and it did work out.

You did not only resolve this problem but also another one I had ^^ Thanks again !