Leds ON in timelapse snapshoots

Would it be possible to turn on leds just for exact moment octoprint is taking snapshoots to create the timelapse?

I mean, having the leds on during an 8h print is a lot of energy wasted for nothing, and since I have them controlled by rpio pins with a relay I wonder if it would be possible on a future release or either a plugin to automatically turn them on following for example the next scheme:

  • 1 minute Leds OFF
  • Leds ON
  • Snapshoot 5 second later they are ON
  • Leds OFF 5 seconds after taking the snapshoot
  • 1 minute Leds OFF
  • ...

I´m using OctoPrint 1.3.8 running on OctoPi 0.13.0

Thank you beforehand,

Maybe this thread can help you.

it turns out the title to that thread is now pretty misleading. we did solve the issue, but it has nothing to do with the webcam.

if you havent already, id suggest looking at the octolapse plugin. iv never used it, but from what i understand its specifically made for doing timelapses with octoprint, so maybe it has the settings you need? it may be in the form of having the option to activate a GPIO at certain times, which you could then use to power the LEDs via a relay or mosfet.

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I´m using a delta printer. Last time I tried octolapse it didn´t seem to work nice for me