Local network access problem

I am struggling to SSH into my raspberry pi. The weird thing is I can access it through octoeverywhere and print jobs without problems, but I cannot connect to it through my local network with SSH, through the browser or even ping it.

I can see that the pi is connected to my router, which makes sense because octoeverywhere is able to connect, but I cannot ping it from any device on my network.

Sometimes after several restarts and power cycles of both my pi, router and PC I am able to connect to it. I am not running a VPN and other devices on the network can see my PC and vice versa. I don't know if this is a problem due to bonjure?

You didn't mention how your RPi is connected to your local network so I'll assume its via WiFi. Some routers use WiFi connections that are isolated from other connected devices. This can usually be changed in the router user interface. The symptoms you describe could be explained by the setting.

You also didn't mention how you are trying to connect. Is it by name, by IP address?

While I'm a bit confused by your "Sometimes...", can you shutdown your RPi, move the microSD card to another computer, and follow the instructions in this post.

Let us know if that helps.