Location of SD Sard Mount

Anyone know where I can access the mounted SD card of my printer through Octoprint on Raspbian? I can VNC into the Raspberry Pi and navigate all the directories. It has to be mounted, right? Since on Octoprint I can technically upload files to the actual SD card.

There are some built in gcode files that I want to get to and download, but I can't seem to do that through the Octoprint interface.

It isn't mounted, and it can't be mounted. The interface (most) printers provide simply doesn't support anything but a serial connection. Uploading to your printer from OctoPrint goes through the same serial connection as printing something (and is actually horribly slow due to that). There's no way to retrieve files from the printer through the serial interface, so you'll need to do that the old fashioned way.

I see... makes sense, thanks for the info.