Locked out...Cannot login

So just turned on my printer for the first time in a few months.
I went to login to Octoprint and seemed to be lcoked out.
I though i new the USername and password, but apparently i dont..
I tried to reset the password. But still nt able to get access.
It is installed in Windows.
Can anyone help please?

hi roblewis,

you need to connect to your octopring device using ssh like putty and log into the raspberry pi or linux shell with the installed username and password for linux. If you cant log in to that you are basically stuck, no other way in that I am aware of.

If you get in there then the shell command to edit octopi login is as follow:

(base) ooto@octopi:~$ ./OctoPrint/env/bin/octoprint user password yourusername Password: Repeat for confirmation: Password changed for user octo. (base) octo@octo:~$

if you cant remember the username:

(base) octo@octo:~$ ./OctoPrint/envs/env/bin/octoprint user list 1 users registered in the system: octo active: True groups: permissions: (base) octo@octo:~$

Hope it helps.

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