Logging for Calibration

Hi Guys :slight_smile:

We are calibrating Linear Delta mechanics with long test essays and we would like to get filtered log messages at the Terminal Console to copy/paste, or better solution.
Can someone recommends a better solution ?
Thanks in advance :+1:

What did you already try to solve it?

Just search for a way to avoid "too many lines to buffer, cut off" error message, but we could not find any similar use case at the knowledge base.

Have you tried running in safe mode?


Did running in safe mode solve the problem?

Not Tried because it does not make sense for this scenario. It is supposed solved by Logging for Terminal configuration for copy/paste or file.

Systeminfo Bundle

--- too many lines to buffer, cut off ---

Additional information about your setup

Informations to copy/paste from Terminal [octoprint-systeminfo-20240327152859.zip|attachment](upload://4bjwXAS5JUl12ykbKFyMfd9XfQA.zip) (23.7 KB) : ... [...] Recv: Bed X: -3.50 Y: 30.31 Z: -0.84 [...] Recv: Bed X: 14.00 Y: 12.12 Z: -0.26 [...] Recv: Bed X: -24.50 Y: -6.06 Z: 1.01 [...] ...

Filters tried: (works good for small essays)
Suppress temperature messages
Suppress SD status messages
Suppress position messages
Suppress wait responses
Suppress processing responses
Supress "Send:"
Supress "Recv: ok"
Supress "Communication"

You could enable the serial log, which will create a file serial.log which you can get from the logging section in OctoPrint's settings. That will then save the entire printer communication. No options in OctoPrint to filter this file however, you'd have to do that yourself afterwards.